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App discovery

19 December, 2012

The changing landscape of app discovery
byAndreas PappasinBusiness

[The explosive growth of app ecosystems is creating serious bottlenecks in app discovery that only popular apps can overcome. Having 700,000 apps is great for platform vendors, but not so great for developers, whose apps are lost in the heap. Andreas Pappas takes a look at the app discovery problem and considers whether social discovery […]

app promotion

07 December, 2012

App Promotion: make or break your app

With well over one million total apps available on Apple and Google app stores combined, plus hundreds of thousands on the other platforms, the competition to get on consumers’ handsets is fierce. As hundreds of apps are added each and every day, app discovery remains a largely unsolved challenge which is only getting worse. With […]


20 November, 2012

Freemium beats Premium, says App Annie

App Annie Intelligence, which tracks more than 700,000 apps, reports that freemium apps – free apps that have in-app purchases – are experiencing impressive revenue growth worldwide, far outpacing premium apps in both iOS and Google Play stores. Over the last 24 months, worldwide revenues for freemium apps on iOS have more than quadrupled. In […]

mobile developers

20 November, 2012

Methods for Monetizing a Mobile User Base (or Are Mobile Apps the New Internet?)

Mobile apps are a huge and rapidly growing business. Mobile developers have access to a greater number of users and more simple ways of monetizing their creations than any software developers before them. However, selling digital content and services directly, or advertising to users of those services are only two of many, many ways of […]

mobile revenue models

20 November, 2012

50+ mobile revenue models

This hackpad (a collaborative list composed by 150 people) has an impressive list of web and mobile revenue models, ranging from the classic ad-driven models and pay-per-download to intermediaries and commerce models. For Your Inspiration. List of web & mobile revenue models: Advertising Commerce Subscription Peer to Peer Transaction processing Licensing Data Mobile Gaming Revenue-share […]


07 November, 2012

Backend-as-a-Service – Should You Use One?

Many of the most engaging and popular apps connect to cloud services which either regularly deliver new content, enable users to interact with one another or both. Unlike a standalone application, such apps can incur ongoing hosting costs throughout their active usage life. Ideally your revenue model should mirror the cost structure. Using a Backend-as-a-Service […]

user trial subscriptions

15 October, 2012

Google now allows developers to give users trial subscriptions

It goes without saying that people like to try things before buying them. Take magazines for example. No-one expects you to buy a year subscription to The Economist just so you can read it. You can check out a couple of their articles for free on their website, you might even buy an issue from […]

app development costs

25 September, 2012

Planning your development costs

The bar for successful apps is high: if you want your app to stick out among a million others, it needs to be well designed, user friendly and working flawlessly, all of this comes with significant development costs. In this article, we give an indication of the types of costs you need to take into […]

revenue models, developer salary

12 September, 2012

11 revenue models that bring in more cash

Developers have a range of options to choose from when it comes to generating revenue. This choice is, to some extent, dependent on business model, scale and target market. Which revenue models are most popular, and which are most profitable? Key insights and recommendations: Selling your app B2B (commissioned apps or pre-loaded on a handset) […]

app monetisation, developer salary

31 August, 2012

Will you rise above the app poverty line? (Or: what everyone else is earning)

Most app makers are not primarily in the game to make money. The primary reason for developer platform selection is not app monetisation, but reach; irrespective of platform, 54% of developers adopt a platform because of reach, while 43% cite low cost and 30% cite revenue potential. Moreover, out of the eight types of app […]

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