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07 June, 2024

Advanced git: Demystifying git Remotes and git cherry-pick: Powerful Tools for Collaboration
byAyan PahwainCommunity

Collaboration is key in the world of Git version control. But keeping track of changes from multiple developers can get tricky. This blog post dives into two essential Git features—remotes and cherry-pick—that empower you to streamline your workflow and effectively manage contributions.


07 June, 2024

Managing Complex Dependencies with Google’s repo tool

In my last blog, I discussed managing dependencies with git submodules. However, for large projects with many dependencies, Google’s repo tool offers a more efficient solution, providing a streamlined and flexible approach to handle complex dependency management.


07 June, 2024

How Git Submodules Can Save You Time (and Headaches): Taming the Dependency Beast

This blog post explores a simple yet powerful Git feature called git-submodule, which streamlines dependency management and keeps your codebase clean and organised.

Terraform’s Command Line Interface

29 May, 2024

Squeezing Performance Value from Terraform’s Command Line Interface

Terraform’s CLI is vital for devops, enabling efficient infrastructure management. Master commands, use workspaces, leverage modules, and manage state files effectively to optimize its use.

Consider an NVIDIA GPU Dedicated Server

29 May, 2024

From Rendering to AI: 5 Reasons Why You Can Consider an NVIDIA GPU Dedicated Server?

NVIDIA GPU dedicated servers transform workflows with immense processing power, accelerating tasks like 3D rendering, video editing, and AI development, offering unmatched performance and scalability.


29 May, 2024

A Developer’s Guide About Building an AI Story Generator

A Forbes research says generative AI will be worth $280 billion by 2032. That’s why, you’d want to build an AI story generator that could potentially help users write the stories they want. But a tool like that is a sum of many great features. But what exactly is an AI story generator compared to other generative AI tools?

Cross-Platform Development Tools

14 May, 2024

Cross-Platform Development Tools: Comparing the Latest Frameworks

Whether you’re an experienced developer or an entrepreneur eager to kickstart your project, this article provides insights into the best cross-platform development tools available.

IoT Landscape

14 May, 2024

Navigating the IoT Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges for Developers

Explore the multifaceted world of the Internet of Things (IoT), from its interconnected devices to the pivotal role of developers. This article delves into the challenges developers face, such as security and interoperability, while also highlighting exciting innovations like 5G connectivity and AI integration.


10 May, 2024

The Essential Soft Skills for Developers

So, whether you’re a fresh-grad developer or a seasoned one, having well-developed soft skills is necessary. We’ve listed eight essential soft skills for developers to help you improve your professional career.

7 Software Engineering Disciplines_

19 April, 2024

7 Software Engineering Disciplines: Which Career Path Should You Choose?

This article explores 7 software engineering disciplines, the skills involved, and the expected salary. We also look at an example of what your career path as a software engineer might look like—but remember, the journey will be different for everyone!

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