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11 July, 2024

Generative AI and Its Evolving Role in Software Development
byArjun SinCommunity

Generative AI isn’t just about chatbots. It’s revolutionizing how software is built, boosting productivity, and even sparking new ideas. Dive in to see how these tools are changing the game for developers.


07 June, 2024

Vue.js vs. React: Which is the Ideal JavaScript Framework for 2024?

Explore the key differences between Vue.js and React.js in this comprehensive 2024 guide, helping you determine which JavaScript framework is ideal for your next web development project.

Terraform’s Command Line Interface

29 May, 2024

Squeezing Performance Value from Terraform’s Command Line Interface

Terraform’s CLI is vital for devops, enabling efficient infrastructure management. Master commands, use workspaces, leverage modules, and manage state files effectively to optimize its use.

Developer Burnout

10 May, 2024

Developer Burnout: How to Deal With It?

Endless exhaustion, no productivity, constant negativism– you might think it’s just one of those days that you got super lazy.  But turns out it lasts longer than expected.

Five Must-Know Tips for Keeping Your Personal Data Safe Online

02 May, 2024

Five Must-Know Tips for Keeping Your Personal Data Safe Online

This article explores key strategies to enhance your online security, ensuring that your personal information remains protected from unauthorized access and cyber threats.


25 April, 2024

Exploring the Potential of Blockchain Technology in Various Industries

According to Statista, the market value of blockchain is expected to reach nearly US$1,000 trillion by 2032. In this article, we’ll explore the extensive possibilities of blockchain and investigate its uses in diverse areas.


29 March, 2024

Docker container monitoring with Netdata

Monitoring Docker containers’ health and performance is crucial for developers and teams managing complex infrastructures. Netdata’s Docker container collector provides real-time insights into CPU, memory, disk I/O, and networking, enabling swift issue identification and resolution.


15 March, 2024

Developer Nation Donation Program: Supporting Charities for a Better Tomorrow

Through our Donation Program, we support causes that resonate with our mission and values, ensuring that our community’s voice is heard not only in surveys but also in charitable endeavours.


08 March, 2024

5 Things You Need to Know About Pair Programming

Programming and development is a minefield of complexity, creativity, and technology. When a business problem needs solving, it often falls to these hardened defenders of the code to find a solution and save the day. Without the expertise of trusted developers, our entire digital ecosystem would fall into disrepair — it may have never even been made. 


19 February, 2024

How to Build a Route Planner App from Scratch

Whether you’re an experienced developer looking to expand your skills or an aspiring entrepreneur with an innovative vision, this guide is intended to offer valuable insights and practical advice. Let’s explore the essential steps and considerations needed to develop a standout route planner app perfectly suited to modern life.

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