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14 March, 2024

The state of Enterprise IoT Development and MQTT with Kudzai Manditereza
byAyan PahwainDeveloper Nation Broadcast

This episode provides key insights for businesses exploring IoT initiatives. Through Kudzai’s expertise and Ayan’s discussion, listeners can grasp the potential of Enterprise IoT, its industry-wide impact, and its role in driving business innovation and growth.


14 March, 2024

The state of Data Science and future of Generative AI with Anand Mishra

In this episode, we explore Anand Mishra’s journey from Data Scientist to CTO at Analytics Vidhya, a leading figure in Data Science. Anand sheds light on his career evolution, offering insights into the changing Data Science landscape, especially amid the growing impact of AI.


08 March, 2024

Understanding Practical Engineering Management – Developer Teams & Hiring with Mirek Stanek

This episode offers guidance for both aspiring and experienced software engineers, providing valuable insights on project management, team leadership, career growth, and the hiring process.


01 March, 2024

Cross-Platform Apps, Solopreneurship, and Course Creation with Simon Grimm

This podcast episode features Simon Grimm, a multi-faceted entrepreneur and content creator behind DevDactic, Galaxies.dev, and the Ionic Academy.


23 January, 2024

Exploring the Landscape of Enterprise Development: A Regional and Technological Perspective

Learning about enterprise developers is essential for a holistic understanding of software development, especially in  large organizations where the challenges and requirements are distinct from those of smaller projects. This knowledge can benefit various stakeholders, from business leaders and project managers to individual developers and technology enthusiasts. 


12 January, 2024

Securing Your Digital Life: The Necessity of Hardware Security Key for Developers and Privacy focused Individuals

This is a blog series on Hardware Security Keys such as Yubikey. In this series, you will learn how to use a Yubikey to enhance your digital security and privacy practices, such as using it for 2-factor authentication, using Yubikey for SSH, saving PGP Keys, signing code-commits and much more. This is the first part of the blog series, where you will learn how to set up a Yubikey for U2F-based 2-factor authentication.


21 December, 2023

2023 Year-In-Review: A Year of Firsts, Community Growth and Trust Building

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s that time of the year again where we reflect on this incredible journey we’ve had together as a developer community this year.


08 December, 2023

Podcast #4 – Designing APIs means adding value to the Digital Chain

In this captivating Developer Nation Podcast episode, host Ayan engages in a comfortable and insightful conversation with Darshan, the founder and CEO of API Wiz. Darshan shares his 15-year journey in the software development industry, touching on experiences with diverse technologies and industries. The genesis of API Wiz emerges from Darshan’s realisation of significant gaps in API management within the developer ecosystem.


28 November, 2023

Developer Nation Techie Treats: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Developers – 2023

We at Developer Nation a here again with our most curated list of 10 must-have items that will make the eyes of Developers in your life light up. Read on for our top picks and discover the ideal presents for the tech-savvy minds who make the digital world go around. 

The Developer Advocacy Universe with Adrienne Tacke

14 November, 2023

Podcast #3 – The Developer Advocacy Universe with Adrienne Tacke

Ready to dive into the world of developer advocacy? In this Developer Nation broadcast episode, Ayan interviews Adrienne Tacke, a Senior Developer Advocate at Cisco, discussing her career journey and the field of developer advocacy. While a degree can provide a solid foundation, ongoing learning is key, and it’s beneficial to grasp foundational computer science concepts even without formal education.

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