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developer nationdeveloper surveyprizeprize drawsprize winners

16 January, 2023

24th Developer Nation Survey Prize Draw Winners
byGottfried MohinCommunity

The 24th Developer Nation Survey is live, here’s a look at the winners so far!

Why Developers Contribute to Vendor-Owned Open Source Projects

23 December, 2022

The Art of Community: Why Developers Contribute to Vendor-Owned Open Source Projects

Open source software (OSS) development is deeply ingrained in the developer culture, representing a distinct and inclusive collaborative ecosystem. In this chapter, we will explore the motivations behind vendor-owned OSS contributions through the lenses of experience, global region, and the use of Stack Overflow. 

OSS projects represent the power of community: collaborative efforts to develop code and software which positively impacts a wider audience than the individuals involved. Vendor-owned OSSprojects, e.g. TensorFlow and Visual Studio Code, combine this sense of community with financial backing from the world’s largest tech companies – a powerful combination of stability and open cooperation.

career aspirations amongst student

21 December, 2022

Top career aspirations amongst student developers

Having long-term career aspirations can provide students with a sense of direction and help them make appropriate choices in their pursuit of knowledge. In turn, this speeds up their professional development and increases the likelihood of them achieving a successful career. In this chapter, we will take a closer look at the top career aspirations of developers who self-identify as students.

developer nation survey

15 December, 2022

Make the most out of 24th Edition of Developer Nation Survey – a CheatSheet

The 24th Edition of Developer Nation survey is now live and this blog post is your cheat-sheet to know everything this survey wave has to offer and how to make most out of your experience as a survey participant. 


13 December, 2022

Why Python is the perfect choice for AI & ML project

Python offers a large number of libraries with simple and flexible tools, which makes the job easier.


13 December, 2022

Best way to hire a Senior Java Programmer

We are going to talk about the multitude of benefits that this platform offers, as well as the reasons why you should hire Java developers.


06 December, 2022

Why Finding Programming Jobs is Difficult

If there are so many programming jobs, why is finding one so hard?


01 December, 2022

A Deep Dive into Studios Game Developers Work for

The nature of professional game developers’ work can vary depending on the type of studio they work for.


25 November, 2022

The Rise and Fall of Web Frameworks

In this article, we look at how web frameworks have risen or declined in popularity, and we explore the profiles and technology use of the developers who use them. 


24 November, 2022

11 Tips And Tricks To Write Better Python Code

Here are 11 tips and tricks that will help you write better Python code and become a better programmer.

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