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23 August, 2023

Meet the Enterprise Developers – Interview Series #2: The data storage & processing sector
byEleonora FanourakiinEnterprise Developers

Explore the world of Enterprise Developers and gain valuable insights into their roles and perspectives. Discover unique challenges, benefits, and dynamics through our interview with Dev B, an Enterprise Developer in the data storage and processing sector.

Mitigating Threats and Vulnerabilities in CI/CD Environments through Secure Coding

09 August, 2023

Mitigating Threats and Vulnerabilities in CI/CD Environments through Secure Coding

Learn how to enhance security in CI/CD environments with secure coding practices. Explore effective strategies to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. Strengthen your development pipeline today!

raspberry pi

08 August, 2023

Headless Raspberry Pi Setup – WiFi and SSH

Setting up a new Raspberry Pi Board can be daunting without a monitor and keyboard, Once you flash a new image of the Operating System – Raspberry Pi OS or similar, the next obvious step is to boot the Pi, log in to it and access the terminal over SSH. But for a headless setup, […]

developer happiness

04 August, 2023

Happy Code, Swift Code: The 10% Developer Advantage

Does happiness lead to productivity? It might sound intuitive already, but we are obsessed with data. So, we looked into it. And by “we” I mean SlashData and Sentry joined forces to analyse the feedback taken from survey respondents who are professional developers who write software on a regular basis. To make our filtering even […]

resilient web applictions

26 July, 2023

Building Scalable and Resilient Web Applications: Strategies for Developers

 Currently, there are 6.9 billion people with access to smartphones and at least some form of internet worldwide. This means that, when developing an app, you have a potential audience of well over 80% of humankind. Now, while it’s unrealistic to expect any app to pull these numbers (even Instagram is used by “just” 2.35 […]


26 July, 2023

How to Build a Free Educational Web3 Community in Your Country

Developers can earn financial incentives from the community by teaching other DEVs how to get into Web3. Web3 has become increasingly popular among developers. Various job opportunities arise for companies wishing to develop decentralized software and applications in various sectors to bring innovation to their businesses.  However, not all developers have enough knowledge about Web3 […]

well paid developers feel thumbnail
developer compensationdeveloper salaries

14 July, 2023

How well-paid do developers feel?

Compensation is one of the principal means used to vie for said talent. Understanding the compensation landscape for developers can help companies make informed decisions about salary, bonuses, equity, and other benefits they offer to attract and retain skilled developers.

artificial inteligence thumbnail

11 July, 2023

Artificial Intelligence Developer Toolkit: Essential Tools and Frameworks for AI Development

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a long time. People have studied it and have made progress but it’s only in recent years that people have started to recognize how AI is being used. Research on AI shows how much it can affect different industries in the years to come. AI can be used correctly […]

female coders thumbnail

10 July, 2023

On the role of female coders in software development

Since the beginning of computing, women have consistently played a pivotal role in software development that has frequently been overlooked; from Ada Lovelace developing the first algorithms for modern computers to Margaret Hamilton’s crucial role in the development of on-board guidance software for NASA’s Apollo program. However, despite women’s exceptional contributions to the field, they […]

developer nation forums

05 July, 2023

Introducing Developer Nation forums

It’s been a while (read 3 months) since we launched the Official Developer Nation forum along with our revamped website. But we have yet to make a formal announcement about it. This blog will serve as an official bulletin illustrating our rationale behind launching a self-hosted forum for Developer Nation. Being a global community, we […]

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