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developer prizes
developer surveydeveloper toolsprize winners

10 September, 2020

Developer Prizes: Announcing our Q2 2020 survey prize winners!
byVanessa MeasominCommunity

Thanks to all of you who took part in our Q2 2020 Developer Economics survey! Your responses make a difference and contribute to the developer ecosystem. We’re super excited as it is now time to announce the full list of our developer prizes and their winners! Developers who take our surveys earn 100 points for […]

common developer frustrations

03 September, 2020

Common developer frustrations and how to overcome them

Derek Lee Boire, Senior Member of Technical Staff at VMware Pivotal Labs, addresses common developer frustrations, such as decision fatigue, and the tools and methods to overcome them.

JavaScript frameworks

05 August, 2020

A Guide to Choose the Right JavaScript Framework for Web Programming

To determine the best framework to choose that best fits your web programming requirements,we take a closer look at the five best JavaScript frameworks.

Scale up deep learning in the cloud

03 August, 2020

Scale Up Deep Learning in the Cloud

Deep learning is typically a long and costly endeavour, especially when it comes to training models. There are many factors that impact the process, but processing power, in particular, can make or break your pipeline. Today, many developers leverage graphics processing units (GPUs). Learn how you can scale up deep learning in the cloud.

AR/VR Trends

27 July, 2020

AR/VR Trends in the Ecosystem – Part Two

We continue to look into some of the AR/VR trends in the ecosystem, focusing on the main differences between developers and non-developers active in this space

guide to clean code

22 July, 2020

The Definitive Guide to Clean Code

Clean code is vital in every aspect of software development as well as mobile app development. A code that’s clean means it’s easy to understand and to change. Writing clean code is paramount in creating a successful and maintainable product. What is clean is, of course, subject to every developer’s take.

developers covid19, covid 19 quarantine, covid 19 poll

15 July, 2020

Infographic: What did developers do during Covid 19 outbreak?

What did developers do during Covid-19 outbreak? Who worked remotely, who did all the cooking, and who missed travelling? Our Covid-19 infographic sums up which lifestyle changes developers had to make.

Professional Front-end Developer Guide to the development triangle

09 July, 2020

Professional Front-end Developer Guide to the development triangle

If you’re interested in dabbing your toes in the front-end development, this post if for you. Our community is rich with developers covering all major areas of development, so we reached out to one of our loyal members to share a few front-line tips with you via this mini professional front-end developer guide!

AR/VR Trends

07 July, 2020

AR/VR Trends in the Ecosystem – Part One

We take a look at some of the trends in the AR & VR ecosystem, focusing on the main differences between developers and non-developers active in this space.

How we made a cool data visualization video using just BigQuery and Flourish

01 July, 2020

Top Companies Contributing to Open Source

Who are the top companies contributing to open source? This blog post looks at how CodersRank used publicly shared data to answer this question, and how they created a series of data visualization videos.

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