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App Store monetisation

28 December, 2012

The yellow brick road of app store monetisation
byAndreas PappasinPlatforms

Apple and Google dominate the app store game – but only in terms of size. Senior Analyst Andreas Pappas discusses the key success factors for app stores, why Google is lagging behind and how Amazon fits in the whole picture.

Mobile Games

12 December, 2012

Is the Era of Microtransactions in Free Mobile Games Over?

W3i, the in-app offer exchange provider, released a report on December 6th showcasing recent trends in mobile app monetization. The W3iNSIDER Report breaks down data from its hundreds of game developer partners and 66 million monthly active users across iOS and Android.The data shows that smaller microtransactions ($0.99-$1.99), long thought to be the backbone of […]


03 December, 2012

Crowdfunding: Leanest Way to Launch?

One question that divides opinion among developers is when to start marketing your app. Some say if you start marketing too soon, the early interest you create will dissipate before you actually have something to sell. Others argue that you can’t start talking about your app soon enough, build a following of early adopters and […]

app revenues

21 November, 2012

App Revenue – Android gaining on iOS fast!

App revenues for iOS Android has long since passed iOS in terms of sales, installed base and even app downloads, while total number of apps available is now about level. Despite this app revenues for iOS developers have remained consistently higher. Is that about to change? Looking at the recent device sales figures it seems […]


20 November, 2012

Freemium beats Premium, says App Annie

App Annie Intelligence, which tracks more than 700,000 apps, reports that freemium apps – free apps that have in-app purchases – are experiencing impressive revenue growth worldwide, far outpacing premium apps in both iOS and Google Play stores. Over the last 24 months, worldwide revenues for freemium apps on iOS have more than quadrupled. In […]

mobile developers

20 November, 2012

Methods for Monetizing a Mobile User Base (or Are Mobile Apps the New Internet?)

Mobile apps are a huge and rapidly growing business. Mobile developers have access to a greater number of users and more simple ways of monetizing their creations than any software developers before them. However, selling digital content and services directly, or advertising to users of those services are only two of many, many ways of […]

mobile revenue models

20 November, 2012

50+ mobile revenue models

This hackpad (a collaborative list composed by 150 people) has an impressive list of web and mobile revenue models, ranging from the classic ad-driven models and pay-per-download to intermediaries and commerce models. For Your Inspiration. List of web & mobile revenue models: Advertising Commerce Subscription Peer to Peer Transaction processing Licensing Data Mobile Gaming Revenue-share […]

facebook app installs ads

06 November, 2012

Facebook’s Mobile App Install Ads – will they work for developers?

Back in August, Facebook announced a beta for a new ad unit to help drive mobile app installs on iOS and Android. That product was made available to all developers recently and the early user reports are very positive. Is this early success likely to translate into a long term win-win for both Facebook and […]

user trial subscriptions

15 October, 2012

Google now allows developers to give users trial subscriptions

It goes without saying that people like to try things before buying them. Take magazines for example. No-one expects you to buy a year subscription to The Economist just so you can read it. You can check out a couple of their articles for free on their website, you might even buy an issue from […]

revenue costs per platform

25 September, 2012

Revenue and cost breakdown per platform

In a previous article, we discussed revenue and costs for app developers overall. Here, we add some more detail for each platform individually. iOS iOS a healthy developer economy. The iOS economy is the one that works best for its developers: it has the lowest percentage of developers below the “app poverty line” (42%) while […]

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