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15 October, 2012

Google now allows developers to give users trial subscriptions
byStefan ConstantinescuinBusiness

It goes without saying that people like to try things before buying them. Take magazines for example. No-one expects you to buy a year subscription to The Economist just so you can read it. You can check out a couple of their articles for free on their website, you might even buy an issue from […]

windows phone SDK

08 October, 2012

Windows Phone 8 coming, where’s the SDK?

Microsoft is set to unveil its next generation mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, on October 29th in San Francisco. There’s a slight problem though. Most developers don’t have access to the Windows Phone SDK. Microsoft is providing key partners with a beta of their SDK so they can have apps in the Windows Phone […]

revenue costs per platform

25 September, 2012

Revenue and cost breakdown per platform

In a previous article, we discussed revenue and costs for app developers overall. Here, we add some more detail for each platform individually. iOS iOS a healthy developer economy. The iOS economy is the one that works best for its developers: it has the lowest percentage of developers below the “app poverty line” (42%) while […]

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