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22 January, 2013

Windows Phone: buy it and they will come
byMark WilcoxinPlatforms

Our new Developer Economics survey shows that developer interest in Windows Phone remains high but slightly subdued as a result of poor handset sales. The 55% intentshare from the last survey has not resulted in a single percentage point increase in mindshare (still at 21%). Windows Phone is facing a bootstrapping problem as Microsoft’s huge investment in Windows Phone has yet to pay off. Adoption by developers is not the main issue, as highlighted by the high levels of developer interest in Windows Phone: developers seem to be on standby, waiting for the market signals that justify an investment on the platform.

developer platforms

22 January, 2013

Our 2012 Platform Shootout and Implications for 2013

Ahead of the release of our latest Developer Economics report, we look back at some important results from our last survey. In our 2012 Developer Economics report we included a developer sentiment barometer for the various mobile platforms. As we move into 2013 several new platforms are on their way but all of them look very similar to existing platforms from a developer perspective. We can use this existing data to predict how developers will perceive the new platforms.

winning on the app stores

08 January, 2013

Different Ways of Winning on the App Stores

A recent report from Canalys highlighted the extreme concentration of income distribution across the iOS and Android stores in the US. The top 25 publishers make 50% of the revenues. 24 out of 25 of those are games publishers (the 1 exception is the Pandora music streaming service). During the first 20 days of November these 25 publishers made $60m from paid downloads and in-app purchases in the US alone. Is there still room left for smaller publishers? How can smaller companies succeed?


28 December, 2012

From Mobile to TV: The companion screens opportunity and the role of apps

The latest trend in app development is targeting companion screens, as a way to bridge a multi-screen experience. Guest author Peggy Allbright investigates the future of app development on companion screens -and TV apps in particular – and discusses how TV advertising has found a whole new screen to engage users on.

Mobile Platform wards

28 December, 2012

Mobile Platform Wars: Winners & Losers in 2012

The game of ecosystems is in full bloom, with each player attempting to draw as many developers as possible around their platform. As we finally see some signs of consolidation, VisionMobile Senior Analyst Andreas Pappas, talks about the rules of engagement and identifies the winners and losers in this game of ecosystems in 2012.


07 December, 2012

The Faces of Fragmentation: Musings on Versions and Installed Base

How do various forms of fragmentation of the potential audience impact the development economics? The answers will vary significantly depending on the specifics of each app but some general issues are worthy of consideration by everyone.As we pointed out recently, Android is now way ahead of iOS in terms of share of new device sales […]

mobile advertising

21 November, 2012

Mobile Advertising from MoPub & Opera

MoPub, a real-time bidding exchange for mobile advertising, recently published a report on their marketplace for the third quarter which shows some strong trends. The effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) was steady or rising across platforms through the last quarter. Android eCPM was rising much faster than for iOS. This is in sharp contrast […]

app revenues

21 November, 2012

App Revenue – Android gaining on iOS fast!

App revenues for iOS Android has long since passed iOS in terms of sales, installed base and even app downloads, while total number of apps available is now about level. Despite this app revenues for iOS developers have remained consistently higher. Is that about to change? Looking at the recent device sales figures it seems […]

lean framework

06 November, 2012

The Developer Platform “Lean Factor” and Why It Matters

There’s a lot of buzz about Lean Startups in the software community in general and amongst mobile developers in particular. How lean a startup can be is strongly influenced by the tools and processes available on their chosen platform. Which platforms enable the leanest product development processes? How and why does lean framework matter? Why […]

new apps search

19 October, 2012

What do people search for when looking for new apps to install?

Bryson Meunier from Search Engine Land compiled a list of the 100 most searched for keywords in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, for new apps. The data was gathered in June using Google’s keyword tool, so it isn’t exactly perfect, but it’s good enough to have a discussion about what works and […]

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