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04 April, 2024

8 Indexing Strategies to Optimize Database Performance
byPohan LininCommunity

By organizing and structuring your data in a way that facilitates quick retrieval, indexing can make a big difference in how well your database performs. Here, we’ll explore some strategies to help you do just that.


10 September, 2014

Five popular databases for mobile

Embeddable databases try to find their place in a world where mobile applications are smarter, and can take over more tasks in order to become either more independent, in a stand-alone scenario, or more active, in a distributed one. Apart from the five embeddable databases presented here, there are several more. SQL, document-oriented, key-value, object-oriented, graph… Choose the one that best suits the structure of your data (or the lack of it) and the needs of your application and use it.

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