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Continuous Localization

27 May, 2013

Why You Should Localize from Day 1 (And How to Do it Painlessly)
byDimitris GlezosinBusiness

Localization is key to local app adoption and revenue growth. A new guest post from Dimitris Glezos, founder and CEO of Transifex, explores the various translation solutions and workflows available today. Then he introduces the concept of Continuous Localization, a modern way of doing localization.

India app superpower

26 April, 2013

India – your next apportunity?

The world is getting ‘App’ified – and India is entering the fray at full force! With India rapidly growing as a major app destination, it is important to understand the underlying drivers of this rapidly growing ecosystem. Is there an “apportunity” for your app in India?


09 April, 2013

Which apps make more money? App monetization insight from our Developer Economics 2013 report

How do app developer revenues vary by country, or platform? Does the number of platforms make a difference to app revenues? Which models bring in the most revenues? We revisit Andreas Pappas’ November analysis of app monetisation with more insights from our Developer Economics 2013 survey across 3,400+ developers.


15 March, 2013

Kids’ Educational Apps – An Indie Dev’s Final Frontier

[Geroge Karavias, co-founder of Anlock, shares his experiences in marketing kids’ educational apps and proposes a survivor kit to keep in mind when navigating the treacherous waters of this category.] You might have started thinking that putting together an educational app may not be such a bad idea, I mean how hard can it be? Of the App Store’s top 200 paid list of iPad educational apps, 70% are kids’ educational apps. Out of these, roughly 80% are by independent developers…

Tradable apps

03 December, 2012

Tradable vs Non-tradable Apps

We’ve previously discussed the major opportunities that are emerging for developers globally, fueled by rising demand from BRIC countries and other emerging app economies, representing at least half of the world’s mobile subscribers. In order to capture these opportunities, developers can focus on two broad strategies: to “reach-out” or to “search within”. Developers that “reach-out” […]

app demand

21 November, 2012

10 Million Apps: the emerging world app demand opportunity

In a recent post on the app localization opportunity we highlighted the potential for targeting growth markets in the emerging world. Not all apps are equally suited to doing so though. For some high-profile apps such as Facebook, Google Maps or Angry Birds the demand is  global and these apps easily penetrate local markets. For […]

app localization

20 November, 2012

The App Localization Opportunity

As we showed in our Developer Economics 2012 survey, there is a massive gap between the number of developers creating applications for local languages (other than English) and the demand for local language content. For many app types, app localization is only a relatively small incremental investment on top of the original app build costs […]

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