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December 15, 2022

Make the most out of 24th Edition of Developer Nation Survey – a CheatSheet
byAyan PahwainCommunity

The 24th Edition of Developer Nation survey is now live and this blog post is your cheat-sheet to know everything this survey wave has to offer and how to make most out of your experience as a survey participant. 

What is the Developer Nation Survey ?

If you have never participated in a Developer Nation survey before, this section is for you. 

It is our most complete global survey that we have ever created for professional developers, hobbyists, students, and no-code software creators. It is intended to shape the key trends among developers and software eco-system for 2023. 

When you participate in this survey you’re supporting the developer research which is used by companies and organisations creating developer centric products to provide for a better developer experience and as a bonus, you also get to win some amazing prizes and support the charities and causes you care about by donating to them. 


The Prizes

When you participate in the survey you’re eligible and automatically enters to win prizes from a pool worth  $19,000+ 

General prize draw: For every participant we have 250 prizes including:

  • 2 x ThinkPad L15 Gen 3, 
  • ThinkPad L13 Gen 3, 
  • iPad Air, 
  • DiY IoT kits, 
  • choice of gifts cards or crypto, 
  • Github CoPilot or Tabnine yearly licences, 
  • IDE licences, 
  • courses, 
  • Swag bags, 
  • cloud credits, and 
  • tech accessories.

Special prizes for Developer Nation community members: 

For our Developer Nation community members, alongside General Prize pool we also additionally have extra:

  • ThinkPad L13 Gen 3, 
  • iPad Air, 
  • swag bags, 
  • $15 vouchers.

You can choose to join the community during the survey sign up process or by subscribing to our fortnightly newsletter at: https://developernation.net/subscribe . As a community member you’ll be part of 70,000+ developers around the world and will be getting regular updates about :

All this is powered by the survey results intended to help our community members grow in their career journey and connect with like-minded people.

ARVR prize draw: 

As part of this global survey, we’ve a special section calling all Augmented (AR), Virtual(VR), Mixed(MR) and Extended(ER) Reality developers, designers and creators. 

Let us know what do you think the future holds for creators of these immersive technologies which will only take 10 mins to participate and make you eligible for additional prize draw pool including :

  • iPad Air 
  • ThinkPad L15 Gen 3
  • Meta Quest 2, 
  • Crypto and Gift Cards 

Check more about winners from previous surveys in the blog here .


By participating in the survey, you can also support a cause you care about by donating to one of the following organisation or non-profit :

  • Girls Who Code
  • CoderDojo 
  • Free Code Camp
  • WWF
  • Raspberry pi foundation

You can read more about this in our last donation blog here .

So what’s Next?

The survey is live and will be running from December 8th 2022 till February 3rd 2023. You can pause the survey and finish it at your convenience, within the deadline. 

It is available in English + 8 additional languages including Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean

Participate and let your voices be heard. We’re excited to learn what has changed in the developer world these last 6 months. Which tools and platforms are you using now and if JavaScript still rules the world of programming? 

All these answers unveil along with the prize distribution with the 24th Edition of Developer Nation survey.


If you’ve any questions feel free to drop it in the comments or reach us back on any social media channels : https://developernation.net/links.

We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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