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Developer prize draw winners

June 22, 2022

[Live Updates] Prize Winners – 23rd Developer Nation Survey
byVanessa MeasominCommunity

The 23rd Developer Nation Survey is live and running full speed and we already have our first winners to announce! Those that were lucky enough to win one of our amazing prizes!

What are the Developer Nation Prize draws?

If you’re new to our prize draws: developers who take our surveys earn 100 points for every new survey completed, plus 10 points for providing their feedback about the survey. And in return they become eligible for benefits and rewards – you can see a full list here.

Now, this is a survey that covers many technologies and participants may choose to participate in different ways. Some of them are members of our Community as well – so they are entitled to additional prizes.

This is why we run several prize draws. In this blog we will be adding all prize winners from our prize draws, so keep an eye on it as it will be constantly updated.

48 hour prize draw

iPhone 13 developer prize draw winner

iPhone 13 – @FergusonTreash of Nigeria

Nintendo Switch developer prize winner

Nintendo Switch – @thienanh2009 of Vietnam

Week 1

$20 gift cards

$20 developer prize draw winners

@WismarR of USA “Thanks”

Dolapo of Nigeria

A. of Croatia

Seona of Australia “Thank you!”

Jeswin of Saudi Arabia “I’m excited to accept this kind gift from developernation. Kindly please help me if I face any issues in redeeming it.”

Eduardo of Uruguay

o**************7@g***l.c*m of Nigeria

c*************9@1*3.c*m of China

SitePoint Premium License

SitePoint premium license developer prize

a*********1@g***l.c*m of Belarus

@adamdevbone of Australia “Thanks so much!”

h**********1@g***l.com of India

State of AR/VR Survey Prize Draw – Week 1

$500 towards your AR/VR project

$500 towards your AR/VR project @JoshuaH47169834 of United States

SitePoint Premium License – Ricardo of Brazil

SitePoint Premium License – James of United States “I’m so happy”

Week 2

Xiaomi RedMi 11 5G developer prize draw winner

Xiaomi RedMi 11 5G – 李文君 of China

$1,000 towards the desktop set up of your choice - developer prize

$1,000 towards the desktop set up of your choice – @marcellusm2 of Brazil

$100 gift card – Neba of Cameroon “I’m really grateful for you choosing me as a winner???”

$50 gift cards

$50 gift cards - developer prize draw winners

Cyrus of United States “Thank you”

@theddiya of Nigeria “Thank you for it”

Emilian of Romania

n********l.g*****a@g***l.c*m of Portugal

@doddsy5544 of Australia

h*********d@g***l.c*m of Indonesia

z********i@f*****l.c*m of China

State of AR/VR Survey Prize Draw – Week 2

$30 gift cards

J of Canada

R of United Kingdom

Gajendran of India

Week 3

Nintendo Switch

Armeiro of United States “I am euphoric the first time I win something for sharing my ideas and my profession “

$20 gift cards

$20 gift cards for developers

h**.a*****@g****.c** of United States

m**********@m**.c** of South Africa

Rémy of Belgium

J of Spain

Hamilton of Australia

n********@g****.c** of Philippines

w*******@b************.w****.w*** of China

e*****.l*********@g****.c** of New Zealand

State of AR/VR Survey Prize Draw – Week 3

$20 gift cards

Ian of Canada

p********@i*****.c** of Greece

Muhammad Dinar Aulia Rahman of Indonesia

Week 4

Docker 12 Months Pro Plan

s*********@y****.c** of India

$100 gift cards

c**************@g****.c** of Mexico

Godwin of Nigeria

$50 gift cards

j****************@g****.c** of Philippines

d*********@g****.c** of Poland

s*****************@g****.c** of Colombia

$20 gift card

m***********@g****.c** of South Africa

State of AR/VR Survey Prize Draw – Week 4

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation

Joe of USA

Week 5

Tick Tick Premium License

j********************@g****.c** of Philippines

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation

Justin Revilleza of Philippines

$20 gift cards

t***************@g****.c** of South Africa

d***********@g****.c** of Philippines

4********@q*.c** of China

p************@g****.c** of Poland

j******@g****.c** of South Korea

State of AR/VR Survey Prize Draw – Week 5

$100 Gift Card

b********@g****.c** of South Africa

Week 6

Tick Tick Premium License

GSS of India

Pluralsight Skills Standard 2 Months Subscription

Pluralsight 2 months subscription prize

Nikilosa of Jakarta

Skillshare 3 Months Subscription

Skill share 3 months subscription prize

v*****.s*******@g****.c** of India

Notion Personal Pro License

Roman of Mexico

VIVO Black Height Adjustable 32 inch Standing Desk Converter

a******.1*.a******@g****.c** of Argentina

Smart Plug

s**********************@g****.c** of Colombia

$50 Gift Card

e*********@h******.c** of Mexico

e***************@g****.c** of Mexico

Jorge of Spain

2****************@g****.c** of India

$20 Gift Card

鈴木朋和 of Japan

$10 Spotfiy Voucher

t**************@g****.c** of Mexico

State of AR/VR Survey Prize Draw – Week 6

Apple Air Tag

s***************************@g****.c** of Brazil

$30 Gift Card

s*********@g****.c** of Greece

Week 7

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation

s***********@g****.c** of India

Apple Air Tag

j*********@h******.c** of South Africa

$100 Gift Card

Michal of Czech Republic

$20 Gift Card

1********@m******.c** of United States

i*************@g****.c** of India

Community Prize Draws

Developers with 801+ points


Samsung Galaxy S22 – @mouseannoying of UK

iPhone 13 – Lynton of Belgium

$50 Udemy or Gumroad gift card

Paschal of Nigeria
Thomas of Singapore
Michael of United States
Panji of Singapore
Deepam of India
Víctor of Mexico
Adrian of Malta
Christopher of Philippines
R of Brazil


A of UK
Brad of USA
Charlie of Australia
A of Ukraine
Geoffrey of Canada
Ashley of UK
V of USA
Thomas of Cyprus
Richard of United Kingdom
Nicholas of Trinidad & Tobago
Dean of Australia
Laborde of USA
Brian of USA
Alexandre of Belgium
Jignesh of India
Daniel of United Kingdom
Mike of United Kingdom

$15 gift card

Jonathan of Australia
Brian of Canada
Michael of United States
James of USA
Léo of Sweden
Tsvetomir of Bulgaria
Ioannis of Greece
Mikael of France
Akhil of India
Matīss of Latvia
S of Germany
Bledi of Albania
Stefan of Germany
Rodney of Canada
Thassilo of Germany
Andrew of United States
Vitalii of Ukraine
Andrejs of Latvia

What happens now

We’ve reached out to winners directly by email. If you recognise your email address but believe you haven’t been contacted yet, you can contact us here.

We’re already on the hunt for prizes for our next global survey, so if you’re not a winner this time, there are more chances to win in our future surveys.

To ensure that you are notified when our next survey is live, sign up. Don’t forget to make sure the survey notification option is ticked.

Special Thanks

We could not have brought all these prizes to you without our sponsors Florin Pop, CertNexus and SitePoint for donating prizes to the survey! Also thanks to our goody bag sponsors Buildable, CodeGym, Coil, CertNexus, Florin Pop, Kamon, Kentico, Linode, and Manning Publications. Are you a company interested in giving away a prize to developers in our next survey? Get in touch!

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