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February 17, 2020

Let the survey feedback begin
byMarina ApostolakiinCommunity

The Developer Economics Survey Q4 2019 has just closed and we couldn’t be more excited to see what our community has to tell us, not only through the survey but also through its valuable feedback comments.

Οur mission is to help the world understand developers and developers explore current trends in their industry. In order to get there, we run global surveys twice a year to explore trends across different areas of development, such as mobile, industrial IoT, ARVR, web and many more. We include hobbyists, professionals and students making sure our sample is as inclusive and diverse as possible wave on wave.

In total, we had 7,316 feedback comments from survey participants. Once more, our team took the time to read each and every comment! We have to admit, there are some pretty good ideas in there. We are currently assessing and evaluating the suggestions we received, hoping to include as many improvements as we can during our next survey wave.

Bottom line is we really appreciated every comment we received. The suggestions help us evolve, the positive comments really boost our mood, the negative ones make us work harder and the funny ones… let’s just say they are the highlights of our day.

Feedback from Developer Economics Q4 2019 Survey

Some were great suggestions:

  • Add keyboard controls to the survey to let me fill it out quicker.
  • As a follow up on my last survey suggestion, in which I suggested making your survey less visually bland by adding some backgrounds in place of stark white; I would like to add, making them seasonal background designs. Aesthetics is the key to development.
  • There used to be jokes in these, you should add them back. You also used to add a profile with a character in these, would love if that were back too.
  • Ask about ethics/privacy stuff, e.g. how are you feeling about the way the company you work for treats its user’s data.

Some were great to read:

  • I love you
  • Amazing experience! sharing it.
  • Great survey! Fun and educational
  • This was the most thorough survey I’ve ever completed. To the point and crisp questions. Wonderful job!!
  • I might sound blunt and rude but I had never heard of developer economics, previously. But I’m impressed by the smart selection of questions for this survey and the overall experience on your site has been awesome. Surely gonna remember developer economics
  • “console.log(“that was a great time.. I enjoyed answering.. Thank you!!”);”
  • The survey is one of the ways to reach millions of people and hear diversify opinions. Kudos to the organizers

And some just made us laugh:

  • Ale, you understand the ending of Evangelion? 
  • I’m sorry but I will not be able to pay 
  • as I said, fluffy support kittens. 
  • Delicious survey^^

During each survey wave, there are a few recurring comments we receive. The more prevailing have to do with the survey length – it’s long – and with our purpose. It’s not always easy to address each one separately, so we went ahead and created a blog post answering all these questions. We asked our Director of Research to create this with special care for our developer community. You can find it here.

Finally, now that the survey is closed, we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey and share their comments with us. We promise to use all this insightful feedback to improve our future surveys.

Stay tuned for our upcoming State of the Developer’s Nation Report 18th edition which will be published by the end of this month. You will find it here as for our previous reports too.

Did you think of anything post-survey? Please do feel free to share with us.


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