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Developer prize winners

April 12, 2022

Developer Prize Winners
byVanessa MeasominCommunity

It’s time to announce the developer prize winners of our 22nd Developer Nation survey!

If you’re new to our prize draws: developers who take our surveys earn 100 points for every new survey completed, plus 10 points for providing their feedback about the survey. Benefits and rewards can be found here.

?General Prize Winners

$1,000 towards the desktop of your choice

$1,000 towards the desktop of your choice

Achmad Ka’bi. Indonesia

Suprise Draw! iPhone 13

Surprise Draw! iPhone 13

Mikhail P., Kazakhstan

$250 towards the desktop of your choice

$250 towards the desktop of your choice

Kevin, Nigeria

$500 towards your AWS certification

$50 towards your AWS certification

Vikas S., India

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

h*******.4**@g****.c**, India

$120 towards the tools license of your choice

$120 towards the tools license of your choice

Aaron K. South Africa

s***********@g****.c**, India

$100 gift card

$100 gift card

4*******@q*.c**, China

VIVO Black Height Adjustable 32 inch Standing Desk Converter

VIVO black height adjustable 32 inch standing desk converter

Илья, Russia

Blockchain Academy Course

d**********************@g****.c**, Venezuela

SitePoint Premium Licenses

SitePoint Premium license

Abdulazeez, Nigeria

s***********@h******.c**, Turkey

Joel. Jamaica

Marvellous, Nigeria

YuHang Zhang, China

$30 Gumroad ebooks

$30 Gumroad ebooks

Luis, Mexico

Jessa, Philippines

p.l*********@g****.c**, India

r*******@y****.c**, Russia

?Weekly Prize Winners

$500 Linode Vouchers

Gokul, India
g********@n****.c**, South Korea

$50 Winners

$50 gift cards

Akash, India
Akhilesh, India
Andresjs, Latvia
Carl , USA

d**********@g****.c**, India
Dhvani, India
Dmitriy, Russia
E., Bosnia & Herzegovina

Ken, Cameroo
Konstantin, Russia
m*****.b*******@g****.c**, Lebanon
Michael, Indonesia
o*******@g****.c**, Burkino Faso

Puspam, India
Raj, India
Ryne, USA
S., India

Sai, India
Surendra, India
t**************@g****.c**, South Africa
teawr9@mi.o, USA
V., India

w.k@g.c, India
w@z.c**, Indonesia
H., Turkey

?State of AR/VR Survey Prize Draw

$500 towards your AR/VR project

$500 towards your AR/VR development project

j***.b*@g****.c**, Slovakia

$120 towards the tools license of your choice

$120 towards the developer tools license of your choice

m*****@m**.c**, USA

$100 gift card

$100 gift card

Patricia, UK
Eisenbruch, USA

$30 Gumroad ebook

$30 Gumroad ebook

a*************@g****.c**, India
h**********@g****.c**, USA
j**********@h******.c**, UK

$20 gift card

$20 gift card

p****.n****.2***@f*.u**.a*.i*, Indonesia
s*********@g****.c**, USA
F., Slovenia

?Exclusive Community Draws

Premium Prizes (for members with 801+ points)

iPhone 13

iPhone 13

Victor, Mexico

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Massimo F., Italy

$50 Udemy / Gumroad ebook

$50 Udemy / Gumroad ebook

A, India
Adrian, Germany
Alex, Israel
Ashley, UK
Brian, USA
Damian, Hungary
Ivan D, Brazil
Jon, USA
Kirill, Russia
Mario, South Africa
Roberto, Spain
S., UK
Yohanes, South Africa


Surprise swag

Abdul H., Indonesia
Adam R., Sweden
Andy D.,Australia
Ankit, India

Antti K., Finland
C., Taiwan
Cristian, Colombia

David F., Japan
Dominic, UK
E., Cyprus
Elijah, Uganda

G, Italy
Gideon, UK
James, Uganda
Karl F., Germany

Liliana I., Mexico
Lucas H., Argentina
Marc S., Germany
Mika L., Finland

Miroslav C., Slovakia
Niraj K., India
Patrica M., USA
Petermaria, Switzerland

R., Malaysia
R., UK
Shadi, Egypt
Shinzo S., Japan

Shubham, India
Steve H., UK
T., UK
Thassilo H., Germany

Vince M., USA
z@g*.c, Russia

✨Extra Prize Draw winners

Skillshare subscription (3 months)

P., Russia

Amazon Echo 4th Generation

Bruna S., Brazil
Anubhav, India

Apple Air Tag

h***************@g****.c**, Vietnam
n**************@g****.c** India

Smart Plug

d*********@1**.c**, China
Dustin, USA
l******@o******.c**, China

Tick Tick Premium License

m***************@g****.c**, Indonesia
d*********@1**.c**, China
Dustin, USA
l******@o******.c**, China

Ergonomic mouse pad and wrist rest

Basudev D., India

“Ten++ Ways to Make Money as a Developer” eBook

n*****@n********.n**.i*, Israel
Olusegun, Nigeria

$20 gift card

Jayanth, India
l************@s***.c**, China
Gabriel, Brazil
d*******@g****.c**, Nigeria
A., India
Reski, Indonesia
n*******@g****.c**, India
T., Turkey
M., Italy

$10 gift card

Andrew, USA
a*************@g****.c**, India
John, USA
l***********@g****.c**, Russia

We’ve reached out to winners directly by email. If you recognise your email address but believe you haven’t been contacted yet, you can contact us here.

Special thanks to our prize sponsors CertNexus, Florin Pop, Linode, and SitePoint for donating prizes to the survey! Also thanks to our goody bag sponsors Convox, Kentico, Manning Publications, The Blockchain Academy, and TinyMCE. Are you a company interested in giving away a prize to developers in our next survey? Get in touch!

We’re already on the hunt for prizes for our next global survey, so if you’re not a winner this time, there are more chances to win in our future surveys.

To ensure that you are notified when our next survey is live, sign up. Don’t forget to make sure the survey notification option is ticked.

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