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July 15, 2020
Infographic: What did developers do during Covid 19 outbreak?

Evers since the Covid-19 outbreak took on global pandemic proportions, a lot has changed about how developers work, communicate, and stay sane, above all. There are certain stereotypes about developers (i.e developers are “loners”, most working remotely, they get most of their entertainment online anyway etc) that make it all too easy to assume that quarantines were easy on developers. Did they feel the impact of lockdowns and social distancing as sharply as other people? We wanted to debunk these stereotypes and ask developers what really affected their lives during these uncertain times.

To understand what’s happening, we ran a small poll in May 2020 asking the members of our community to describe their day-to-day during quarantine. How did the new social distancing rules affect their work, education, entertainment, and lifestyle choices? This mini-survey was intended to be fun and entertaining first and foremost. 138 developers from our community took part. We thank them once again for being good sports and helping us create these light-hearted insights on an otherwise very heavy subject.

The results are summed up in this Covid-19 infographic, which we hope you’ll find amusing.

You may be nodding your head as you scroll down and think “yes, me too!” or you may have a very different experience that you’d like to share. Whatever the case, we invite all developers to take part in our new Developer Economics survey, where we investigate new trends in software development and what the future holds.

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