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July 26, 2023

How to Build a Free Educational Web3 Community in Your Country

Developers can earn financial incentives from the community by teaching other DEVs how to get into Web3.

Web3 has become increasingly popular among developers. Various job opportunities arise for companies wishing to develop decentralized software and applications in various sectors to bring innovation to their businesses. 

However, not all developers have enough knowledge about Web3 and its technologies to create solutions in this area. That is why a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) of DEVs in your country can be an excellent way to exchange knowledge about Web3 and still receive financial incentives for it. 

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an autonomous entity based on blockchain technology, where the DAO is capable of automating administrative processes such as voting, resource allocation, and contract execution without the need for intermediaries. 

These organizations have a structure that enables democratic and transparent governance. Through blockchain technology, the DAO operates with a public and distributed ledger, ensuring transparency and immutability of operations conducted by the DAO. 

This means that all transactions, including votes, execution of smart contracts, among others, are recorded permanently and verifiably by any participant in the network. This strengthens trust and security in the DAO, as there is no central authority controlling or manipulating the records. 

Known as the “decentralized web”, Web3 is a new internet phase that is rapidly expanding and aims to create a more secure and fair internet. Web3 is based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. 

Even though it is still in its initial stages, Web3 is already the focus of projects that aim to revolutionize the way we interact within the internet. For developers who want to join this new web, one way to learn or teach about Web3 is by creating a Web3 community in their country. 

How to Create a Web3 Community in Your Country 

The meeting point of a Web3 community is usually a website or a free Discord application, which allows democratic access. The tool allows several types of interactions among

members, regardless of language or country, expanding the potential of each member, whether in personal or professional realms, with technical or behavioral skills. 

The WEB3DEV community is ready for educational expansion in new countries. In Discord, there is already support from proficient developers in English, Spanish, and Portuguese who can help create WEB3DEV in your country, providing support to DEVs in other languages. 

How to Receive Incentives to Expand WEB3DEV 

At WEB3DEV, for example, DEVs are encouraged to learn, following the concept of “learn to earn”, with a commitment to be rewarded for teaching what they learn through educational materials, whether in text, video, or audio, generating this multiplier effect. 

Developers can copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format and can adapt and transform it for any purpose. All the work at WEB3DEV is organized into “Pods”, working groups focused on specific needs. 

Each “pod” has a specific purpose, and the groups share responsibilities and autonomy among participating developers. You can create a community in your country and start a pod, collaborating and bringing other DEVs freely and earning proportional remuneration based on what is produced. Or you can create a community in your country with fixed members, where developers have a connection with the “pod” and commit to the routine and demands that arise. 

Based on our economic model, you can have a clearer understanding of how local community founders are remunerated: 

What is WEB3DEV? 

WEB3DEV is a DAO that focuses its initiatives on three pillars: education, community, and building. It brings the future of the internet in an accessible way to developers all around the world.

Created in 2022 by Daniel Cukier, Yan Luiz, and Melk, the community is dedicated to creating content that encourages all software developers to share high-quality knowledge about Web3. 

Through WEB3DEV, didactic content about blockchain is taught. Additionally, it promotes the connection of companies and developers to foster new talent and build and support DEV teams in Web3 projects. 

Any developer can start a WEB3DEV community in their country, using or creating content and adapting it to the local language. Participating in this community can be a unique opportunity to improve your skills, meet other developers, and contribute to the development of Web3 technology worldwide. If you want to create a community in your country, please get in touch with the DAO directly through our website

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